Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
Walter Spies
Tjampuhan Spa

Set in a lush, terraced garden overlooking a sacred river valley, the Tjampuhan Spa is a haven for comfort & relaxation where guests can spend the day in a glorious natural setting. Private therapy pavilions and a sunken carved stone grotto provide a unique location for massage, sauna, steam room & Jacuzzi facilities, opening onto two views of the sacred Oos and Tjampuhan Rivers.

Using a combination of modern technique and traditional therapies, the Tjampuhan Spa offers a memorable encounter with nature in the care of our highly trained and attentive masseurs. A variety of massage technique are available at the Tjampuhan Spa, including Swedish, acupressure and traditional Balinese treatments. A range of body & facial scrubs are also available to invigarate and stimulate the skin.

A visit to the Tjampuhan Spa is intertwined with the fragrance of distilled oils & herbal essences and the texture and sensation of ground spices, roots, flowers and leaves used in massage preparations. These traditional formulae and secret palace lotions are prepared at the Spa and are now available for purchase at the hotel.